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May the beauty of the flowers express love and admiration, and the fun of the balloons make the joy rise…

A brief history of RosAmore

Welcome to RosAmore!

Allow me to share the story behind this wonderful spot filled with magic and color. I’m Rosa Morella, a passionate and dedicated mother to two teens, both filled of dreams and aspirations. Ever since they were little, they would wait with bated breath for the time their birthdays would come, yearning to come together with friends and family in magical worlds tied to their favorite characters of the moment.

Back then, my life was marked by a demanding corporate job, and designing my children’s special day became a Herculean challenge. Fortunately, I had the help of an event agency that became my lifeline. Those creatives turned my ideas into incredible realities, and my children were enthralled every time. I was a hero in their eyes, and that filled me with joy.

My life took a turn when we immigrated to the United States. Now outside of the corporate world I immersed myself in the world of flowers, inspired by their variety, colors, and the deep emotion they could convey without uttering a single word. I began creating floral gift boxes and became the person to turn to when you wanted to give a special gift in my community. Gradually, I delved into crafting custom arrangements, and my passion blossomed…

…One day, life bestowed a gift upon me: my cousin, who lived nearby, found herself in the same situation I used to be in. She struggled to breathe life into the perfect birthday party for her little one, torn between decoration, food, the cake, and, of course, time to prepare herself and her children. That’s when RosAmore was born, because I understood the need to have someone close by who provides support, who works behind the scenes to let you shine as the true hero of the celebration.

Today, I wish to give back the gratitude I feel toward the event agencies that helped me in the past. At RosAmore, we’re dedicated to making your dreams come true through party decoration and floral arrangements for every occasion. Our mission is to turn you into the hero or heroine of each celebration, allowing you to delight your loved ones with an explosion of beauty, color, and emotion.

Welcome to RosAmore, where the magic of flowers and balloons come together to create unforgettable moments. We invite you to explore our world of creativity and passion, where every special occasion becomes a unique experience. Let’s make your dreams bloom at RosAmore!

Why Choose Us

Creativity with love

Passionate about what we do, we are inspired by your dreams and desires, creating unique and surprising decorations that will exceed your expectations.

Attention to detail

Each petal, each balloon, is carefully selected and arranged to convey emotions and create captivating atmospheres. At RosAmore, every detail counts to make your celebration truly special.

Reliable deliveries

Our commitment is to provide you with exceptional service, guaranteeing that your floral arrangements and balloons arrive ready to dazzle on your most important occasions.

What our customers say

RosAmore exceeded all my expectations with their stunning floral arrangements. The attention to detail and creativity they put into each arrangement truly amazed me. The flowers were fresh, and added a touch of charm and distinction to my special moments. I highly recommend RosAmore for all your floral needs.

Luz Salas

I can’t say enough about the amazing balloon arrangements, they were so creative and the attention to detail was just great, I loved them. The balloons filled the gift of a special day with joy, I highly recommend RosAmore to elevate any celebration!

Emily Johnson

It was very exciting to see the decorations that RosAmore created for my son’s birthday. You could tell that every detail was done with so much love, and the resulting ambiance was simply spectacular. Thank you so much, my event was a resounding success. I could not be more grateful for your talent and dedication.

Neiry Vargas

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